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  • The multinational European company specializing in the transportation of all types of raw materials of the highest quality to the EC countries.

  • The established transportation channels allow us to carry without difficulties and risks any products in almost unlimited volumes.

  • The existing base of suppliers is regularly updated and supplemented enabling to deliver just the high-quality product.

  • Stable development of UKKO envisages a continuous expansion of the range of goods available for purchasing.


GOALS we set for ourselves:

  • Delivery to the European countries of high-quality products at competitive prices;

  • Assistance in searching for business partners and development of partnership between small and large businesses;

  • Development of various segments of the European market;

  • Improvement of the existing system of trade relations with the EU countries.


  • Increase in the standard of living of the population through supplying the best raw materials to producers for manufacturing the product of an equally high quality has always been the MAIN OBJECTIVE OF UKKO.

  • We do not just try - we ensure that all our partners get what they expect.

  • We create an efficient system of communication between all the EU countries and give an opportunity to every company, regardless of its size, to produce such goods which will significantly improve the welfare of consumers.


  • When building THE UKKO STRATEGY, we have highlighted three main directions of the development:

  • Control after a smooth running of the already existing supply system, its expansion thanks to the introduction of new channels and technical equipment in order to accelerate the transportation process as well as the improvement of the terms and conditions of transportation;

  • Increase in the number of contractors providing high-quality products with the aim to expand the range of services and to satisfy the needs of customers from different branches of economy;

  • Improvement of the quality of goods delivered to the Baltic States and the EU including a practical demonstration of the high level of raw materials produced in the territory of the European countries.




  • We can assist our customers with obtainings financial support. It is an advantage you can take when working with our company.

  • We offer different sources of financing from which our customers can get funds including bank crediting, leasing products, and acquisition of stock.


  • The UKKO GROUP business group pools the flows of private capital and resources of other financial institutions which do not need the ballyhoo and continued promotion.

  • We ourselves finance the projects starting from 1,000,000 euros. And accept investments. For today, we are ready to allocate between 5,000,000 euros and 60,000,000 euros to our projects. We request you to kindly submit preliminary applications regarding investments.

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